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The next time someone stepped out from a side street with their hand cocked back to throw, the blast of a 12-gauge shotgun pointed somewhere near his feet caused him to duck and cover, dropping whatever he had been holding into the dirt.
Police also found a Saiga 12-gauge shotgun and two magazines loaded with a total of 70 rounds inside his car at the school, and a Glock handgun he'd used to kill himself.
223-caliber Bushmaster rifles and a Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun.
The M1030 12-gauge shotgun breaching cartridge will reduce the danger posed by ricocheting fragments when Soldiers have to break down doors and disable locks.
A 12-gauge shotgun cartridge is now available that is designed specifically to breach padlock hasps and deadbolts, knobs and hinges on wooden doors.
I have a Winchester 1300 Defender-type 12-gauge shotgun with inconsistent extraction.
Hughstan Schlicker, 15, from Mesa, Arizona, called police and told them he had just shot his father in the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.
The housing is made of stainless steel with O-ring seals and a laminated polycarbonate window that can withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast or a direct hit from a 9-mm handgun.
Authorities said three rounds of birdshot from a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun were fired.
He then used his 12-gauge shotgun to kill 17-year-old son William before turning the gun on himself.
Hill in 1994 fired a 12-gauge shotgun into a pickup truck occupied by Dr, John B.
Several golfers were startled to hear tine report of a 12-gauge shotgun close to a golf course, They contacted the Onondaga County 911 center and the responding state trooper noticed an individual in the backyard of a residence adjacent to the golf course.