cooling-off period

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Cooling-Off Period

An interval of time during which no action of a specific type can be taken by either side in a dispute. An automatic delay in certain jurisdictions, apart from ordinary court delays, between the time when Divorce papers are filed and the divorce hearing takes place. An amount of time within which a buyer is permitted to cancel a contract for the purchase of consumer goods—designed to effect Consumer Protection. A number of states require that a three-day cancellation period must be allowed purchasers following door-to-door sales.

A cooling-off period is frequently used in labor disputes. There might, for example, be a period of one month following the filing of a grievance by a union or company against the other, during which neither the union nor the company is allowed to take retaliatory actions against each other.

cooling-off period

a time during which a person can withdraw from a binding contract without any serious penalty. A cooling-off period is not normally available. Such provisions can be found in relation to CANCELLATION of consumer credit contracts, TIMESHARE contracts and DISTANCE SELLING contracts among others.
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The penalty for failure to provide the list is $10,000 for each day after the 20-day period until the list is provided, with no maximum penalty.
Requires the 20-day period during which an agency must determine whether to comply with a FOIA request to begin on the date the request is received by the appropriate component of the agency, but no later than 10 days after the request is received by any component that is designated to receive FOIA requests in the agency's FOIA regulations
In one case described in the report, Amnesty International staff describe the torture endured by many detainees, including a 14-year-old boy from Chad who was hung up by his wrists in a prison in Karachi and regularly beaten with a metal rod over a 20-day period before being sold to US forces and taken to Guantanamo, where he remains.
The programme sets out common entry standards, a compulsory 20-day period of protected Learning for all nurses trained outside the European Economic Area and, where appropriate, a period of supervised practice.
This means all overseas qualified nurses seeking to register with the NMC will be required to undertake a 20-day period of protected learning time to familiarise them with UK health care practice.
However, last night he said he would again take up the campaign ( after Dr Ladyman's office failed to respond to the invitation, signed jointly by the North-East Chamber of Commerce, The Journal and our sister paper the Evening Gazette, within the usual 20-day period.
Nonetheless, Respondent failed to file an answer within the 20-day period or thereafter.
Over a 20-day period they will complete a residential session at the trust's own facilities in Neyland before progressing to Coleg Sir Ger campuses at Pibwrlwyd and Gelli Aur and the National Botanical Gardens of Wales, where they will gain experience in disciplines that include countryside management, agricultural engineering, horticulture, equine and animal care.
Thus, the process seemingly acknowledges that not every IDR is capable of being answered within a 20-day period.
713, and because of the appellate court's uniform insistence on strict application of the mechanic's lien law, we hold that any order discharging a mechanic's lien under the quoted subsection, for failure to file a response showing cause why the lien should not remain in force and effect within the 20-day period, cannot be subject to subsequent review by the trial court on grounds of excusable neglect and due diligence.
Dan McShane, said a 20-day period during which she had no word from him seemed longer than the entire deployment.