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When you see our kids scoring above the 50th percentile, that's very good - considering,'' Dutton said.
Recent FMVSS 208 legislation goes a step further by requiring protection for both smaller 5th percentile female drivers and larger 50th percentile male drivers in conditions with and without seat belts.
When you're working with a test like the SAT 9, it's designed to have everybody meet at the 50th percentile mark,'' Lucid said.
The percentage of students at or above the 50th percentile on the SAT 10, a norm-referenced test, increased from Fall to Spring in all five schools, ranging from six percentage points in fifth-grade reading in one school to 51 percentage points in sixth-grade math in another.
Since December 1992, there have been 101 examples of the stock's SOIR stands between the 45th and 50th percentile readings.
For the first time, one grade level, second-graders, scored at or above the 50th percentile with a score of 50.
Based on its closing stock price on June 20th, ST should be firmly within the top 50th percentile of the SOX.
Among ethnic groups, Latino students showed the greatest gains in reading, reporting a 15-point jump to the 50th percentile, up from the 35th percentile the year before.
Original LTV ratio Weighted-average 80 Maximum (4th Quartile) 97 75th percentile (3rd Quartile) 85 50th percentile (2nd Quartile) 79 25th percentile (1st Quartile) 70 Minimum (0th Quartile) 60 # of loans % UPB Unknown/Not Available 2 0.
In two years, the students' scores have jumped from the 34th percentile in reading and 39th percentile in math, to the 50th percentile in reading and the 49th percentile in math.
The 1st National SHAPE Guideline defines a negative test as a person with a coronary calcium score (CCS) of zero or carotid intima-media thickness (CIMT) lower than the 50th percentile.