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They must have a better place of some sort soon--Jurgis said it with all the assurance of a man who had just made a dollar and fifty-seven cents in a single day.
That was Thursday; and all the rest of the week the killing gang at Brown's worked at full pressure, and Jurgis cleared a dollar seventy- five every day.
Ona had a dim recollection of the lawyer telling Szedvilas that his charge was a dollar, which occasioned some debate, and more agony; and then, after they had paid that, too, they went out into the street, her stepmother clutching the deed in her hand.
In Boston, the first pay-station ran three months before it earned a dollar.
How on earth do you expect me to meet a draft of two hundred and seventy-five dollars without a dollar in the treasury, and with a debt of thirty thousand dollars staring us in the face?
Well, he sot up a bank, en say anybody dat put in a dollar would git fo' dollars mo' at de en' er de year.
That thought inspired her to add another castle to her dream: maybe he would give her a trifle now and then--maybe a dollar, once a month, say; any little thing like that would help, oh, ever so much.
In the North a carpenter got three dollars a day, gold valuation; in the South he got fifty -- pay- able in Confederate shinplasters worth a dollar a bushel.