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If ACE inhibitors can be shown to be beneficial in both of these extremely common diseases, management would be considerably simplified, observed Dr.
They concluded that the ACE inhibitors were renoprotective in nondiabetic patients with advanced kidney disease (Hou et al.
It is thought that some ACE inhibitors protect from dementia and mental decline by decreasing oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain, she noted.
Lastly, the Health Department of the Western Cape needs to give consideration to coding an alternative ACE inhibitor.
Physicians should keep ACE inhibitors in mind when considering the differential diagnosis of recurrent pancreatitis.
A closer look at the data reveals that ACE inhibitors protected men from heart problems better than diuretics did, but that women gained equal protection from the two drugs, report Christopher M.
Renal crisis is a severe kidney problem in scleroderma that requires ACE inhibitors as lifesaving medications.
The protective effect of ACE inhibitors may stem from a positive effect of these drugs, and a reduced use of other anti-hypertensive agents in patients who are treated with an ACE inhibitor, said Dr.
Telmisartan, initially approved as an antihypertensive in 1998, was approved for a new indication: reducing the risk of MI, stroke, or cardiovascular death in patients aged 55 years or older who are at high cardiovascular risk and cannot take ACE inhibitors.
This analysis provides evidence that the clinical benefits of ATACAND in reducing the risk of cardiovascular death and heart failure hospitalizations in patients with symptomatic heart failure and reduced heart pump function were not modified by baseline dose of ACE inhibitor, beta-blocker use at baseline, or ACE inhibitor dose during the trial.
We present two case reports of patients diagnosed with syndrome X treated with ACE inhibitor that showed dramatic symptomatic and clinical improvement, presumably due to improved coronary flow reserve due to increased nitric oxide bioavailability.
Special Considerations: Concomitant use with an ACE inhibitor and [beta]-blocker not recommended.