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His career has included 13 years as a Signals Intelligence Analyst at multiple echelons and 5 years instructing AMAC and AICC.
AICC exists to provide and promote information, guidelines, and standards that result in the cost-effective implementation of computer-based training (CBT) for the aviation industry and the worldwide training community.
Congress MLAs & AICC are totally against extending support to BJP," Ahmad tweeted.
Standards such as those set by the ADL and the AICC allow courseware and learning management systems to convey information and be integrated.
The company's Questionmark Perception[TM] assessment management system was the first assessment system to achieve the AICC standard, and Shepherd was instrumental in the development of the IMS Learning Consortium's Question and Test Interoperability standard.
This prompted the AICC to conduct an internal election to select the party's candidate.
The AICC, organized in 1988, is an association of technology-based training professionals that promotes interoperability standards across multiple industries.
The AICC event, which is hosted by Airbus, will take place at the Airbus Training Center in Hamburg.
As per the new system, all AICC secretaries will have to submit details of the work being done in areas under their jurisdiction to the Congress vice- president by the 10th day of every month.
The AICC certified Pathlore's LMS on August 4, 2003, and the ADL followed on October 17.
Before joining the AICC, Ott spent twelve years as Group Vice President with the Washington, DC-based Rubber Manufacturers Association and prior to that he was with the National Association of Manufacturers, where, as Assistant Vice President for Resources and Technology, he directed the activities of NAM's natural resources and environment committees.
It held two press conferences, a special briefing at the AICC headquarters and another in Parliament House, to target Modi.