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Aje nimo ononiyan/Bo ba ti n je funni bi idan, bi idan [20]/Ko kuku seni ti o niwon eyee tiwon/Ona ajee kaluku n gba lo sotooto.
Babatunde Lawal posits that the Aje punish women who have committed offences by having abiku enter their wombs (Lawal 260 n.
Add sterling coverage of the recent pro-Hizbullah rally in Beirut and extensive live coverage of the Pope's controversial visit to Turkey and you realise that AJE is doing what it set out to.
AJE covers stories that others ignore, and gives the stories everyone else covers much more time.
Payments of an additional $13 million could be earned from future farm-outs of the Aje field and initial production from the Aje and Ajapa fields, Syntroleum said.
The stately and reserved women of Aje are feared and revered in Yoruba society.
The June 1 AJE study of 2,994 white children between the ages of 7 and 11 in six U.
In a March 2011 interview with The Wall Street Journal, an executive for Peruvian soft drinks company Aje Group announced that the firm plans to issue its first bond, worth US$200mn, to help fund expansion.
AJE Cairo bureau chief Mohamed Fadel Fahmy, Australian correspondent Peter Greste, producer Baher Mohamed and cameraman Mohamed Fawzy were arrested on 29 December 2013 and have remained in detention since.
We had been mandated to bring change and end corruption in the province" Vice president Buland Iqbal of AJE said and adding some leaders had looted the province on the name of Pakhtun.
I am grateful for the opportunity to publish a revised and updated version of his address in this issue of the AJE.