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Not infrequently, one may encounter variability of the APTT in patients with VWD.
Isocitrate was chosen to modify an APTT procedure with the aim to adjust the [Ca.
Coagulation screening test INR and APTT results from different laboratories for Dabi and Riva samples are summarized in Table 2.
The mean laboratory APTT was 43 seconds (SD 14 seconds); the mean Hemochron Response APTT was 13 seconds greater than this, with 95% limits of agreement [+ or -]28 seconds.
3] Nonstandard abbreviations: VKA, vitamin K antagonist; UFH, unfractionated heparin; LMWH, low molecular weight heparin; NOA, new oral anticoagulant; FXa, activated factor X; INR, international normalized ratio; rFVIIa, recombinant activated FVII; PT, prothrombin time; APTT, activated partial thromboplastin time; dRVVT, dilute Russell viper venom test; TCT, thrombin clotting time; ECT, ecarin clotting time; [C.
5,6) To determine whether repeating the analysis of specimen tests with critical results offered any benefit in ensuring or improving the accuracy of the results or in avoiding the reporting of false or erroneous results, we reviewed the absolute value and percentage of change between duplicate runs of 2627 specimens (498 HGB critical results, 493 WBC critical results, 551 PLT critical results, 533 PT critical results, and 552 APTT critical results).
We also observed a dose related elevation in the APTT that corrected with mixing studies.
The end point for the PT and APTT is fibrin formation, which is assessed by recording the time (in seconds) elapsed from the time of coagulation initiation (after the addition of appropriate triggers) to clot formation.
ABBREVIATIONS: APC = activated protein C; APTT = activated partial thromboplastin time; DVT = deep vein thrombosis; INR = international normalized ratio; LMWH = low molecular weight heparin; MI = myocardial infarction; PCR = polymerase chain reaction; PE = pulmonary embolism.
The subject of performance of this contract will supply reagents and consumables for PT, APTT, TT, fibrinogen, antithrombin, X a D-dimer, actin time factor XIII for the Department of Clinical Hematology Hospital Ostrava, associated with the borrowing of the necessary equipment.