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8 Spinal Level of Injury Cervical 35 Thoracic 28 Lumbosacral 8 ASIA Impairment Scale A 28 B 9 C 16 D 16 E 2 Etiology of SCI Motor Vehicle Accident 32 Gunshot 11 Fall 17 Diving 2 Others [double dagger] 9 Risk Factors Hypertension (n = 69) 40 (58) Diabetes Mellitus 23 (32) Hyperlipidemia (n = 59) 36(61) BMI (Normal: 19-25) 28.
Agreement in classification, which is a different skill, has improved with successive revisions of the International Standards and, among experienced clinicians, is now as high as 93 to 94 percent for motor and sensory levels and 87 percent for ASIA impairment scale grade [23].
Clinical studies with chronic SCI patients have demonstrated that, even several years after motor- and sensory-complete SCI, intensive and task-specific rehabilitation can improve motor function as measured by the ASIA Impairment Scale (AIS).

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