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Others (28,29) have advocated dividing these tumors into (1) squamous cell carcinoma, analogous to its counterpart elsewhere in the skin, and (2) cloacogenic (transitional, basaloid) carcinoma, supposedly originating from the ATZ mucosa.
41 Most such tumors have a colorectal phenotype and represent tumors originating from the colorectal zone in the upper portion of the anal canal or from the glandular cells of the ATZ mucosa.
Most such tumors probably originate from neuroendocrine cells residing in colorectal type mucosa, although neuroendocrine cells are known to exist in ATZ mucosa as well.
8 [micro]g/L of formulated ATZ from Gosner stage 27 (G27) to metamorphic climax (G42).
8-[micro]g/L ATZ treatment produced 20% more females compared with the control.
CONCLUSIONS: Our study indicates that exposure to low concentrations of ATZ in experimental mesocosms alters gonadal differentiation and metamorphosis in developing R.
It is a confirmation of our technology development program and the successful cooperation with ATZ.
ATZ and its degradates are the most commonly detected pesticide(s) in ground and surface waters (Aaronson et al.
Metabolism of ATZ and its degradation products is a complex process resulting in multiple potential metabolites (Figure 1).
ATZs are niche consumer clusters of approximately 3,500 households each, to which only ADVO can deliver its shared, or cooperative, mail program.
CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MARCH 13, 1995--ATC ENVIRONMENTAL(Alberta Stock Exchange: ATZ ) Nate Feldman, President of ATC Environmental Group Inc.
The object of this order is the repair of 110 kV overhead line Chemist in the plot of s / s Maritsa East to the s / s ATZ in volume as follows: replacement of existing poles and installation of one new three phase conductors associa 400 and one ground wire OPGW type the entire length of the section.