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But soldiers should seek help from their chains of command if going AWOL is something they're considering, said CPT George Imorde, commander of the 82nd Airborne Division Replacement Detachment.
Comprehensive numbers were not available Wednesday, Hitt said, but in the first six months of 2006, 72 soldiers were AWOL.
The Defence Ministry said the idea of him being rated AWOL was "a technicality".
2 -- 4) Actor Steve McQueen, shown in a scene from the 1963 movie ``Soldier in the Rain,'' spent 30 days in the Marine Corps brig in late 1949 after going AWOL and also paid a $90 fine for being a ``straggler.
Meet actor Iestyn Edwards and his alter ego, the Russian ballerina, in 'her' new show, My Tutu's Gone AWOL, at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.
Fearing he would be classed as having gone AWOL if he failed to return, Connor hatched a plot to get money by robbing people in Newcastle city centre.
MANCHESTER CITY believe Carlos Tevez, AWOL in Argentina, will never return to the club.
According to the Ministry of Defense, among the 465 convictions there were sex attacks, cases of soldiers going AWOL and some were caught in possession of drugs, the Daily Mail reports.
But his appeal was dismissed by top judges, who said it was "entirely proper" for the courts martial to lock up members of the armed forces who go AWOL, as it has a "deterrent effect".
Last Christmas, AWOL participants donated 25 computers and this year they intend to refurbish and give away 1,000.
TWO soldiers who went AWOL were believed to be in hiding in Scotland last night after going on the run.
Went AWOL (absent without leave) to resist October 1990 deployment to Iraq.