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The evening wore away with no abatement of this soothing politeness; and her spirits were gradually raised to a modest tranquillity.
There had been no abatement in the ferocity of the tempest, nor was there indication of any.
said the gentleman for whom the door was opened; coming out of the house at that kind of light- heavy pace--that peculiar compromise between a walk and a jog-trot- -with which a gentleman upon the smooth down-hill of life, wearing creaking boots, a watch-chain, and clean linen, MAY come out of his house: not only without any abatement of his dignity, but with an expression of having important and wealthy engagements elsewhere.
centuries of ridicule with no abatement of its popular acceptance.
Without, I trust, any abatement of my affectionate solicitude for him as a friend, I began to regard him as a patient, rich in possibilities of profitable study.
Wordsworth's poetic inspiration, less fickle than that of Coleridge, continued with little abatement for a dozen years; but about 1815, as he himself states in his fine but pathetic poem 'Composed upon an Evening of Extraordinary Splendour,' it for the most part abandoned him.
Her beauty was still the object of desire, though greater beauty, or a fresher object, might have been more so; but the little abatement which fruition had occasioned to this was highly overbalanced by the considerations of the affection which she visibly bore him, and of the situation into which he had brought her.
An hour or more passed; the storm showed no signs of abatement.
In a word, as the sea was returned to its smoothness of surface and settled calmness by the abatement of that storm, so the hurry of my thoughts being over, my fears and apprehensions of being swallowed up by the sea being forgotten, and the current of my former desires returned, I entirely forgot the vows and promises that I made in my distress.
They pretended they could not make any proposal, because it might be made use of against them; and he told them, that by the same rule he could not make any offers, for that might be pleaded in abatement of what damages a jury might be inclined to give.
Notwithstanding which, he continued to defend himself, without any abatement of his flushed mood.
At noon it poured down more hopelessly and heavily than ever without the faintest promise of abatement.