above par

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Given all this, it appears that Obama is performing above par relative to the broader negative political climate, although the reason is not clear.
Because many investors, particularly individual investors, prefer not to pay a price above par, premium often is generated with capital appreciation bonds (CABs), rather than current coupon bonds.
In the event that a Holder of Bonds maturing on December 1, 2016 attempts to tender its Bonds pursuant to the Tender Offer but is blocked from doing so by DTC procedures, the Team will agree to (i) purchase on the Settlement Date at the applicable Tender Offer Consideration such Bonds that are not called for mandatory sinking fund redemption and (ii) pay any such Holder whose Bonds were called for mandatory sinking fund redemption at par the amount of any premium above par that would have been paid as part of the Tender Offer.
Only one performed above par and as a result is now ahead of the race for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference.
ABOVE PAR visitors celebrate Geggan's winner after Lynch (inset) helped set Stenny up for victory
The Portrush star took time out before the Irish Open to make kids at Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin, South Dublin, feel above par.
ACI certification shows that his product expertise, instructional skills, and industry knowledge are above par.
Best recognizes the measures taken by Trust Re and views the company s risk management above par for the region.
By studying the language of bogus recommendations they identified how companies fool the public into thinking their hotels and resorts are above par.
But the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) figures for 2009, show Scotland's devolved curriculum punching above par in reading and science, and average in maths.
While many of us would like to think that our skills in the kitchen are above par, who would not relish the opportunity to take part in cookery classes run by a top chef?
Obama performed above par with voters in two of the last four days of Gallup Poll Daily tracking, spanning a period of heavy news coverage of his overseas trip to Europe, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.