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In the absense of a class action," he said, "the defendants will retain the benefits of their wrongdoing.
It was stated that the evidence also would have shown that Bissett made a false certification concerning the absense of any prior conviction when he purchased one of the firearms from a federally licensed dealer.
The finalists for the accessories are Absense from Taiwan, Anita Quansah and Brother Vellies from Ghana, CA&LOU from Switzerland, Matters Matters from Hong Kong, Nathlie Trad from Lebanon and Susana Traca from Angola.
Palestinians have resorted to forming their own vigilante groups to protect their own families and villages, in absense of any real protection.
This fully equipped turn key operation has a knowledgeable staff in place that can operate the business in the owners absense.
James' absense is at a tough time and when you're struggling, you're tempted to try new things.
The absense of Rangers from the top tier has prompted some observers to label the successes as "devalued".
In their absense, defending champion Gaultier will look to keep his winning streak going in the 11th edition of the PSA World Series event, which begins today at the Khalifa Tennis & Squash Complex here.
Last year, Jonathan Tiernan-Locke became the first British winner since the race - first run in 1945 - was brought back in 2004 with a new name and format after a five year absense.
Nicolas Anelka brings experience but what Albion gain with his arrival they lose with the absense of Romelu Lukaku.
The absense of reserve Carl Wilkinson with a knee injury was always going to hit them hard, but the remainder of the team were simply unable to live up the the stanndard they set themselves earlier in the year.
Many thought it was a jibe at Ms Streep, who was absense from the ceremony due to flu, but apparently it was actually a reference to the film First Wives club.