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The overall impression is that, although a handful of clergy claimed "remarkable" levels of attendance, probably two-thirds of places had a small hardened core, running into single or (by 1786/88) double figures, of what were described as "vicious absenters," who never came at all, such as the farmer and his wife at Graveney, absent for twelve years.
Even in the Tudor era, enforcement was patchy and only partly effective, mainly directed against recusants and sectaries, with largely token prosecutions of more general absenters.
Leake, 1701)--six editions by 1727; An Address to Absenters from the Publick Worship of God, with an Answer to their Pleas (London: printed by Richard Wilkin, 1705)--four editions by 1732; and Francis Fox, The Duty of Publick Worship Proved (London: printed by J.