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The Supreme Court (SC) had ruled AC should determine if Rehman Malik was heard or otherwise during the hearing of these two references wherein he was convicted by the said AC in absentia.
Drivers who failed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them received 4,430 tickets, and 6,806 were issued tickets for parking at prohibited places, including 6,332 fines issued in absentia.
In two days of procedure, Mahfouz said she was sentenced in absentia on charges of assault.
Of this, 2,000 were registered this year - some on the spot and others in absentia.
BEIRUT: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon's Trial Chamber has rejected motions by the defense counsel to suspend or reconsider in absentia proceedings, according to a statement released by the court Wednesday.
Lane discipline violations by light vehicles resulted in 5,217 fines including 638 in absentia and using a hand-held mobile phone while driving earned 3,895 drivers tickets, including 2,853 who were fined in absentia, Major General Al Zafein said.
of the Egyptian court's trial and preliminary ruling against me, in absentia, in my capacity as chairman of Ajwa," Jaber said in a statement issued by the firm, which supplies and distributes food and commodities.
BEIRUT: A Military Tribunal sentenced a Lebanese accused of robbing a Saudi prince last year to one year in prison Thursday, sentencing two others to seven years of hard labor in absentia.
Eighteen are currently in prison, while seven were convicted in absentia and received 10-year jail sentences.
Summary: The Military Judiciary issued a death sentence in absentia against a Lebanese man and sentenced another to 20 years in prison over collaboration with Israel.
The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced in absentia the 42-year-old Canadian investor, K.
Abdel Maqsoud said he is only appealing the verdicts of the 18 who are currently in prison, but not the seven who were convicted in absentia.