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If it's severe, then I would say that would become an absolute contraindication.
45) Fusions above C3 and those involving more than three spinal levels are an absolute contraindication to contact or collision sports.
Contraindications to influenza vaccination (a) Absolute contraindications True anaphylactic hypersensitivity reaction to eggs Relative contraindications Significant febrile illness Recent illness with Guillain-Barre syndrome Children younger than 6 months of age Women in the first trimester of pregnancy (a) From, Bridges CB, Fukuda K, Uyeki TM, et al; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.
CNS depressant use is not an absolute contraindication for the use of either methadone or buprenorphine in MAT, but is a reason for caution because of potential respiratory depression.
An absolute contraindication for this procedure is the inability of the patient to co-operate (e.
In the presence of contamination there is an absolute contraindication to the use of synthetic mesh (4).
The first avoidance of a repeat attempt is when the patient objects; refusal is an absolute contraindication to an additional attempt until and unless permission is given again.
Porphyria cutanea tarda is an absolute contraindication.
13) Obesity is also not an absolute contraindication to hip resurfacing, (14) possibly as a result of the lower likelihood that obese patients will engage in high levels of activity.
There is no absolute contraindication to the use of epinephrine in patients with heart disease who experience anaphylaxis.