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MONARCHY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is entrusted to the hands of a single magistrate. Toull. tit. prel. n. 30. The country governed by a monarch is also called a monarchy.

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The dixieme represented a radical break from the traditional fiscal regime of the absolute monarchy.
The tax has been in the works for months as Africa's last absolute monarchy seeks to rein in a deficit that reached more than 13 percent of gross domestic product last year.
Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the United States, is ruled by an absolute monarchy which applies an austere version of Sunni Islam.
Except for a few demonstrations by the Shiite minority in eastern Saudi Arabia, the Sunni-dominated absolute monarchy has been largely spared the wave of pro-democracy protests that has swept other Arab countries.
Summary: The right to vote in elections in a country that remains an absolute monarchy, where they still may not work nor travel without assent from a male relative, nor drive a car, may seem a small step for the women of Saudi Arabia.
Among her topics are Mediterranean slavery, manumission and absolute monarchy, bombarding Barbary, liberation and empire from the Revolution to Napoleon, and the conquest of Algiers.
And if the muted reaction to one year of coalition government is anything to go by, don't rule out the party mood encouraging a return to absolute monarchy.
ally and the world's top oil exporter, is an absolute monarchy that does not tolerate any form of dissent.
Under his leadership from 1990 to 1991, the country changed from an absolute monarchy to a multi-party system.
The other alternative of course is absolute monarchy where the sitting tenant may not be challenged.
A change from an absolute monarchy to a democracy is a victory for the people because the sovereign power has shifted from a person to the whole populace.
Nepal was on the verge of assuming the premiership several times after 1990 when the country switched from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy.