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The Eighth Circuit followed the Younger abstention doctrine, which says federal district courts should refrain from hearing cases until state courts issue final rulings.
The trial court erred in its application of the ecclesiastical abstention doctrine," says Jones.
How to Neutralize the Abstention Doctrine, 46 Stan.
The Younger abstention doctrine has its roots in the concept of "Our Federalism" which grew out of the case of Younger v.
Preclusion doctrine would normally bar federal court relitigation of cases and issues finally decided in state court; (33) abstention doctrine could in theory have counseled federal court restraint in deference to ongoing state proceedings (a doctrine that could have been triggered if Schiavo's parents filed a new case concerning Terri's feeding and treatment in state court); (34) and exhaustion doctrine could in theory have precluded Schiavo's parents from bringing claims in federal court that had not yet been fully litigated in state court.
1) First Amendment jurisprudence also addresses religion through the judicial abstention doctrine.
Another potential, but broad, limit on federal control of state water law is the abstention doctrine.
Today, if an owner tries to go directly to Federal Court, it will hold the case in abeyance - under the abstention doctrine - while the State Court hears the matter, saying in effect "if you are still unhappy, come back tO US.
assessment of abstention doctrine, see Barry Friedman, A Revisionist
10) Though the opinion does not specifically refer to the phrase "ministerial exception," the court does reference the "ecclesiastical abstention doctrine," which has been relied upon to preclude subject matter jurisdiction over employment disputes between clergy and religious organizations.
Guiliani, the federal district court dismissed the child welfare agency's motion urging the court to abstain under the Burford abstention doctrine.
Following the study of the Eleventh Amendment, we consider the application of the abstention doctrine if the case were brought in federal court.