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As great men are urged on to the abuse of power (when they need urging, which is not often), by their flatterers and dependents, so old John was impelled to these exercises of authority by the applause and admiration of his Maypole cronies, who, in the intervals of their nightly pipes and pots, would shake their heads and say that Mr Willet was a father of the good old English sort; that there were no new-fangled notions or modern ways in him; that he put them in mind of what their fathers were when they were boys; that there was no mistake about him; that it would be well for the country if there were more like him, and more was the pity that there were not; with many other original remarks of that nature.
You are accused of treason, of abuse of power, and murder.
Zhou, 72, was sentenced to lesser terms on the abuse of power and state secrets charges, and was ordered to serve his sentences concurrently.
But the NFU said action was needed to halt the abuse of power wielded by big business and supermarkets.
If Michael has an edge, it has to do with our accepted misuse of the gifts of God, particularly money, our abuse of power and our responses to Sept.
All of black Los Angeles is outraged over this supposed abuse of power at the hands of the LAPD.
Faced with the abuse of power, the answer for women is to seek power.
Jesus challenged those in authority about their abuse of power but used his own power to heal and to uplift.
Hence, it proposes clearly linking foreign assistance to serious governmental reforms that will contain corruption and abuse of power.
This is about violence against children and abuse of power.
He will be charged with several crimes, including graft, abuse of power, and ordering a series of assassinations against political enemies.
It is no small thing to get a grown man to cry on television, acknowledge his sexual abuse of power, and beg his victim not to blame herself even if she can never forgive him.