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Issues d'un colloque tenu en 2008 a P university Mount Allison (Canada), les contributions a Pouvrage collectif Entre Textes et Images: Constructions Identitaires en Accidie et ait Quebec publie en 2010, se proposent non pas d'opposer mais de creuser "les interrelations entre Piconographie et le litteraire" (21) derriere le prisme identitaire.
The sudden sense of the loss of significance, which is central to melancholy, or accidie or ennui, used to be experienced in a framework in which the meaning of things was beyond doubt.
Arthur's chivalric accidie and the reactions of his courtiers to it are described in these terms:
I try to remember what they said in the thirteen hundreds: Accidie poisons the soul stream.
This sense of accidie little moments that are significant and which continually happen in an uninvited way, will be quite familiar to those who have lived in the near east - the fatalism, for example.
Accidie and melancholia are recognised personality types and social states from the classical era onwards, and Burton's fantastical Anatomy of Melancholy is a demonstration of how many distinct states could be recognised.
Rom Harre and Robert Findlay-Jones have discussed accidie - an emotion often referred to in mediaeval Europe but no longer mentioned in the West.