Account current

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ACCOUNT CURRENT. A running or open account between two persons.

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Under the account current system, only the differences the carrier writes up need to be checked out, whereas every item on an item-based statement needs to be examined to ensure the carrier is correct.
is aware that we are behind on our account current situation with your company.
The plan will also take into account current patterns of preparation for priesthood within the church.
These ideas are: (1) Reinvigorating prevention efforts, intensifying the focus on underlying causes; (2) Helping parents succeed in their role as sex educators; (3) Broadening the scope of pregnancy prevention efforts and addressing shifting social norms about pregnancy and parenting among unmarried women; (4) Helping adults provide accurate, clear and consistent information about how to reduce risk-taking behaviors; (5) Creating community-wide action plans for teen pregnancy prevention, including adolescent health services; and (6) Giving young people a credible vision of a positive future that takes into account current economic realities.
The material has of course also been updated to take into account current references, concepts, data, and controversies.
However, I'm disappointed that they mainly took into account current form when choosing the runners.
The company president and chief executive officer, Gordon Miller, said, 'With MWS (Mine Waste Solutions tailings recovery operation) operating as planned, our primary focus now is the successful commissioning of the Ezulwini Mine, where we are accelerating the shaft refurbishment, to allow for earlier implementation of full planned production rates from underground, and shifting the focus of our underground activities to the development of higher grade faces to take into account current commodity prices.
Results based on "traditional" likely voters (based on the model taking into account current voting intention and past voting behavior) include interviews with 2,503 voters, and assume a turnout of 64% of national adults.
If new evidence or new submissions were to be involved, which they should be to take into account current market conditions, this process could be time consuming - even without any appeal to the European Court," said Ben Challis, a music lawyer.
Make sure that your business office is trained not only to bring the account current, but also to maintain goodwill with your residents/responsible parties.
Taking into account current issues such as the ongoing conflict in the region, energy crises, inflation and recession, the politics of high-technology and the transnationalisation of ownership, they offer a detailed account of one of the world's most rapidly changing political economies, and highlight what possible course it might take in the future.
The increased frequency of revaluations should more accurately track property value by taking into account current market conditions.