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London River's accute sense of institutionalised helplessness (the police more or less tell Elisabeth to do their work for them) and the parental instinct to know when something isn't right might haunt you for days.
Les Robinson left a cross for Gayle but Dave Stevens nipped in and shot home from an accute angle.
coli, and no effective treatment to prevent accute renal failure associated with E.
It meant she spent 21 days tilted at such an accute angle she was virtually upside down with her head pointing to the floor in a bid to relieve pressure on her lower body.
It wants us to believe that bed allocation is a hospital management problem, but accute bed shortages are very much a department issue.
VHA's members include some of the largest and most prominent accute care facilities in the country.
3) I am thinking in particular of the invaluable ACCUTE "Best Practices Checklist" for CAFS, published in February 2014, as well as Moira MacDonald's "Sessionals, Up Close" UA/AU article from January 2013.