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I was able to clarify several points as a result of the questions and discussion following my presentation of a version of the article to the Christianity and Literature Study Group at the ACCUTE conference, Memorial University, 1 June 1997.
Yet Charles Rosen, an accute observer, has written of a prominent contributor, "He cannot accept the term 'objective' because today (1994) that is a word equivalent to 'modernist,' 'positivist,' 'aestheticist,' and 'phallocentric,' all curiously synonymous" (p.
We had for our Grave Musick, Fancies of 3, 4, 5, and 6 Parts to the Organ; Interpos'd (now and then) with some Pavins, Allmains, Solemn, and Sweet Delightful Ayres, all of which were (as it were) so many Pathettical Stories, Rhetorical, and Sublime Discourses; Subtil, and Accute Argumentations; so Suitable, and Agreeing to the Inward, Secret, and Intellectual Faculties of the Soul and Mind; that to set Them forth according to their True Praise, there are no Words Sufficient in Language.
Professor Magnarelli's accute observations and close readings, along with theoretically informed discussions of Donoso's work, make pleasant and stimulating reading.
This problem is particularly accute for total reserves because total reserves consist of both borrowed and nonborrowed reserves.
However, the higher parity children are not as crucial in relaxing the accute labour constraint of the farm-household in peak-season operations.
The disease course typically involves periods of remission followed by accute exacerbation.
What meaningful action can accute members take to adapt to a world where teaching-centred positions will become more prevalent?
Tenders are invited for Deposit work h and fwd health service- anual plan 2014-15 mental health centre kozhikode modification of observation wards to intensive behaviour care unit for accute observation patients
These accute regional and international circumstances that we currently