Act of grace

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ACT OF GRACE, Scotch law. The name by which the statute which provides for the aliment of prisoners confined for civil debts, is usually known.
     2. This statute provides that where a prisoner for debt declares upon oath, before the magistrate of the jurisdiction, that he has not wherewith to maintain himself, the magistrate may set him it liberty, if the creditor, in consequence of whose diligence he was imprisoned, does not aliment him within ten days after intimation for that purpose. 1695, c. 32; Ersk. Pr. L. Scot. 4, 3, 14. This is somewhat similar to a provision in the insolvent act of Pennsylvania.

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My takeaway lesson was that an act of grace will always prevail over a difference of opinion.
It was an act of faith in a friendly government that the government of India did not oppose this request (for leave), and an act of grace on the part of the Supreme Court of India to grant the permission sought for," he said in a statement on Wednesday.
THE cast of Liverpool lowbudget feature Act Of Grace turned out for a special screening.
The Shetland Islands Council put up money to get the script penned by Marc Pye, who has written for The Street, Waterloo Road, Moving On, The Royal and films such as Act Of Grace.
Patriarch Bartholomew told reporters at the Trabzon Airport on Saturday that the opening of the monastery was an act of grace on part of the Turkish government.
Winning author Gregory Loselle says, "As far as inspiration for this particular story goes, I suppose you could say that I was interested in the 'what happens next' of the story, of the ramifications of a transcendent act of grace, and also how something which on its surface might appear to be unambiguously positive can still reveal layers of irony.
For all his faults, Graham Greene had this gift: to him, the Incarnation of Christ was an act of grace which no amount of explaining could justify, but it was still believable.
God might have chosen any nation on earth, but God chose Israel as a sheer act of grace.
He acted and spoke from the conviction that came from his conversion, the act of grace he had experienced.
In an act of grace, Clifton Brown tended to her, lifting her off the ground, helping her on the first steps of a journey.
William III institutes the Act of Grace, a general pardon for political offenders.
In the letter, Hostetler accepts the traditional Amish rationale for shunning: discipline is an act of grace, an attempt to press the wayward sinner to change his or her life in order to regain a right relationship with God and the church.