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Runtime commands include license release, restore, reset, suspend, remote enabling of features, field read and write, plus data send and receive through the activation server.
Commands can be sent to read or write specific data fields from the customer activation record stored in the Safe Activation server during the product activation process.
In this role, ProvEn captures subscriber information, then interfaces with several systems including a billing gateway and network activation server to determine service availability, qualify the subscriber's PC, generate an activation code and upon service activation, inform the billing system that service is working.
The activation process for protected plugins can support manual or fully automated activation through an online activation server.
The activation process for protected software will support manual, semi-automated or fully automated activation through an online activation server.
Excel Software offers vendor accounts on the Safe Activation service or a vendor can self-host an activation server using WebActivation.
The Safe Activation server supports activation of Internet connected or unconnected computers, order processing and automates license management features to allow license release, restore, suspend and subscription management.

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