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Spiroflow is launching a new bin activator into the UK market that will help manufacturers in process industries such as food, beverage, chemicals, plastic and oil and gas to eliminate material flow problems that can lead to potentially dangerous blockages in factory piping or tubing applications.
They then combined these newly identified noise enhancers with known transcription activators in a cell line that serves as a model for HIV latency.
Inovio has developed a portfolio of patent-protected IL-33 and other immune activators to form combination therapies with its DNA vaccines and immunotherapies with the goal of achieving the greatest possible efficacy against targeted diseases.
In this collaboration, Cytokinetics will combine its foremost position in the discovery and mechanistic biology of small molecule activators of skeletal muscle contractility with Astellas advanced pharmaceutical discovery, development, and commercialization capabilities.
PAION AG, Aachen, Germany, a company focusing on the development of treatment opportunities for stroke and other thrombotic diseases has initiated a new plasminogen activator program, which is intended to serve as a long-term life cycle management tool for Desmoteplase and a mid term option for indications not within the current profile and development program of Desmoteplase.
Recent SANS experiments have confirmed that the gene activator protein, cyclic AMP receptor protein (CRP), undergoes a significant structural, or conformational, change in solution upon DNA binding.
The gel tubes are considered to be additive tubes due to the clot activator on the walls of the tube.
The scientists had hoped that the PPAR-gamma activators might reduce cancer risk, but treated mice developed many more precancerous polyps in the colon than untreated ones.
Concordance tables were constructed to compare the HY*TEC BHR with skin prick tests and specific IgE tests for all of the activators used in the study.
Trellist Marketing and Technology, a professional services firm offering Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding, IT & Application Development, and Education & eLearning, has added a business savvy twist to the traditional structure of a Board of Directors and introduced its Board of Activators.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- My Gym Entertainment has launched their newly produced comedy show, The Activators, an interactive series for preschoolers - focused solely on physical fitness.
BB-10153 is an engineered form of human plasminogen, modified so that it is activated to plasmin by thrombin, rather than by the body's natural plasminogen activators such as tpA.