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Two qualifications characteristic of actualism are (a) the value of an option (available action) is fixed by what actually happens should you choose that option, where one treats whatever happens after doing the action as an exogenous variable, even those future actions that will be available to the relevant agent, and (b) when the question is whether to do some particular action, the answer turns on whether the value of the outcome were one to do that action is greater than the value of the outcome were one to fail to do that action (go to the nearest possible world(s) to check).
All ecclesiology and all actual life of the church, comprising the church's preaching and administration of the sacraments, is based on that, whether understood in terms of actualism or essentialism.
Historical fictions in particular--identified by various names and in different media (mockumentary, psychotic realism, autofiction and its offshoots roman faux and autofabulation, reality TV, and actualism or quantum fiction (2))--craft and tangle definitions of reality, questioning the very premises that undergird notions of existence, facticity, and the self.
We might refer to these different commitments as aesthetic actualism and aesthetic intentionalism, respectively.
The lingering question, however, is how and whether a commitment to McCormackian actualism is truly indispensible for discerning the coherence of Barth's later Christology.
He reinvented Gentile, attempting to turn actualism into the basis of a thinking and praxis of the future (in a rather farfetched way, one has to admit).
He describes the links between philosophy and scientific realism including the transcendental analysis of experience and the real basis of causal laws, actualism and the concept of the closure, including the classical paradigm of action, the relationship between autonomy and reduction, and open systems.
Geological Time Actualism Rock Cycle Lithification: Sediment vs Sedimentary rock Original Horizontality of Strata Lateral Continuity of Strata Superposition of Strata Cross-cutting Relationships Principle of Inclusions Biological Evolution, Index Fossils Stratigraphic Correlation
Included are "Materialism, Actualism, and Science: What's Modern about Modern Science?
The actualism of his novel functions as an effective mode of deception, serving to engage the reader in a mental journey that merely resembles the experience of colonialism.
But Harris did at least differ from them by persisting in his "folly" whereas they came to reject actualism quite early in their careers.
There are, I believe, compelling arguments for actualism and against possibilism--the doctrine that there truly are individuals that do not actually exist--but this is not the place to give them.