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ACTUS. A foot way and horse way. Vide Way.

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Asklepios BioPharmaceutical, a company that develops protein- and cell-based therapies using a proprietary technology platform called Biological Nano Particles, has established Actus Therapeutics, a new portfolio company based on AskBio's gene therapy platform, it was reported on Friday.
Under the newly forged partnership, ENCO's sales and support teams will provide Actus Digital with its first U.
As regards the actus essendi, Fabro makes an important distinction between our taking "existence" as signifying the fact that something exists, and as signifying the intrinsic actus essendi as Aquinas understands this.
Lo primero que llama la atencion es que Heidegger le atribuye una implicancia causal al actus del todo ajena a la ensenanza del santo, senalando que la actualitas es de suyo causalitas.
In addition to supporting both 24/7and scheduled recordings, the new Actus capabilities provide support for ingesting media from other resources, including content from a field camera or clips downloaded directly to the desktop.
Lumen Actus is currently developing a SmartBudget 3D comedy feature called "Rescue U" and a 3D slate including second season of Safety Geeks with star attachments interested like John Cleese in guest roles and new series for 2D and 3D media platforms including ITVFest Official Comedy Selection, Invention with Brian Forbes which screens in the festival August 7th at the Sunset Laemmle 5.
The LOI sets out plans for a five-year pricing model whereby ACTUS will supply DHI with content management systems and service, data and advertising management through a cloud architecture to DHI's hardware platform.
A-Life's Actus software is providing OhioHealth with a strong positive return on investment through the ability to do more with less and the promise of cleaner claim rates and a better case mix.
Powered by the enterprise Actus 4 platform, Actus View provides BSkyB with multi-channel transmission ingest, content detection and monitoring for proactively managing the quality of BSkyB transmissions.
Established in 2005, Actus Networks provides Carrier Ethernet Access solutions to deliver cost-effective Metro Ethernet Service and wireless backhaul gateways for leading TEMs.
The Tierra Vista Communities closing culminates several months of intense planning between Actus and the U.
Comedi a thriller mewn un yw Actus Reus, ond roeddwn i'n disgwyl mwy o eiliadau 'neidio o'ch set'.