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ACTUS. A foot way and horse way. Vide Way.

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Actus Clip Factory for clips creation for OTT : The Actus Clip Factory automates your clips creation workflow.
Alongside this, Actus has also announced a new Change Tracker software module that extends this capability even further by comparing outgoing and off-air feeds and flagging significant differences according to user-defined rules.
In sum, in this context Fabro is already developing and presenting Thomas's distinctive understanding of the actus essendi as intensive act and, as Thomas also puts it in ST I, q.
The new ingest feature lets customers ingest any file and manage it as if it was recorded live from a feed by theActus system," says Asaf Salant, Sales Manager, Actus Digital.
The implementation of Actus has prompted OhioHealth's coding management to re-evaluate their existing productivity measures.
An Actus customer as of this year, BSkyB recently scaled the Actus View installation to monitor 72 channels in total.
We're honored and excited to help shape the future of Schriever, Peterson and Los Angeles Air Force Bases," said Jeffrey Simon, Actus Lend Lease president.
In July 2004, Joe Sharp began doing consulting work for Actus Lend Lease, helping to implement a maintenance module computer software program.
The execution of the purchase agreement under the proposed terms was to be contingent upon the results of AVIX'S due diligence including but not limited to no material adverse change in the status of the claims and representations by ACTUS and its ability to successfully complete and timely file an auditor's report on the proposed acquired assets.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NXT DIGITAL, the Headend-in-the-Sky (HITS) digital service platform from Grant Investrade Limited, part of the global Hinduja Group, has installed the Actus broadcast monitoring platform.
com)-- "Safety Geeks: 3D" is the first 3D live action comedy web series and is produced by indie production company, Lumen Actus LLC.
Part one elucidates Aquinas' "grammatical approach" to speaking about God, whereas part two explains the importance of actus for Aquinas, particularly for his philosophical theology.