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Thus, the aim of this study was to investigate, using meta-analysis of the scientific papers, the effectiveness of air-assisted boom sprayers and the effectiveness of adjuvants addition to pesticide spray solutions in the control of weeds and phytopathogenic fungi in agricultural crops upon pesticides spraying.
Soaring prevalence of various diseases and the demand for novel vaccine adjuvants with improved efficacy are anticipated to stimulate the market growth.
However, molecular signatures related to immune-stimulatory activities of these adjuvants have not been analyzed comparatively.
The intramuscular segment is expected to account for the largest share of the global vaccine adjuvants market in 2016.
Ammonium fertilizers can function as utility adjuvants because they help prevent the formation of precipitates in the tank mix or on the leaf surface.
Further, the report states that the uncontrolled reactivity of adjuvants is a major challenge faced by this market.
Adjuvants added to herbicide spray mixtures enhance spray droplet retention on leaf surface and penetration of active ingredient through the cuticle (Young and Hart, 1998).
This gives us confidence that PEI has the potential to be a potent adjuvant for vaccines against viruses like flu or HIV, though there are many steps ahead if it is ever to be used in humans," said Professor Quentin Sattentau of the Dunn School of Pathology at Oxford University, who led the work.
Screening and increased use of adjuvants are responsible--adjuvants more so [Editorial].
Many years ago, we began to see that adjuvants would play a key role in how agronomy inputs would be applied and, consequently, which products growers would choose.