Administrative Adjudication

Administrative Adjudication

The process by which an Administrative Agency issues an order, such order being affirmative, negative, injunctive, or declaratory in form.

Most formal proceedings before an administrative agency follow the process of either rule making or adjudication. Rule making formulates policy by setting rules for the future conduct of persons governed by that agency. Adjudication applies the agency's policy to the past actions of a particular party, and it results in an order for or against that party. Both methods are strictly regulated by the law of administrative procedure.


Administrative Law and Procedure.

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The cumulative effect of liberal allowance of administrative adjudication is a suffocation of free will, an expansion of administrative fiat in those areas where there is no demonstrable harm, and a rise in industry capture (where agency heads choose winners and losers with an eye toward securing lucrative post-government employment).
The Office of the Ombudsman approved the recommendation of its field investigation office to conduct [a] preliminary investigation and administrative adjudication proceedings against Villanueva, former Department of Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap, and nine others in connection with the anomalous utilisation of the PDAF amounting to P10 million (Dh801,953)," a statement issued by the Office of the Ombudsman or anti-graft prosecutor said.
oversee administrative adjudication and policymaking).
478) sought to equate judicial adjudication with administrative adjudication and granted absolute immunity to the executives of the Agriculture Dept.
Administrative Adjudication in the City of Chicago and other Municipalities
A state administrative law judge is swapped for an Article III judge, and the relative informality of administrative adjudication gives way to a full blown federal trial.
The only Florida appellate court decision addressing the issue of the applicability of the FCRA to pregnancy discrimination affirmed an administrative adjudication in which the employer was found liable for unlawfully discriminating against an employee.
SB 203 provides a fix for this system by separating the administrative adjudication process from the agencies.
First, the Mayor's bill allows for an orderly phase-in of additional major administrative adjudication functions from District agencies, including the Office of Tax and Revenue's appeals function.
Action to freeze assets of individual pending administrative adjudication of civil money penalty assessment by the Board.
In short, the court found that application of Rule 56 to administrative adjudication was nothing new.

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