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ADMIRAL, officer. In some countries is the commander in chief of the naval forces. This office does not exist in the United States.

References in classic literature ?
The admiral seated himself at the right hand of the princess, and placed the Comte de Guiche on her left.
It succeeded, however; and though Sir Walter must ever look with an evil eye on anyone intending to inhabit that house, and think them infinitely too well off in being permitted to rent it on the highest terms, he was talked into allowing Mr Shepherd to proceed in the treaty, and authorising him to wait on Admiral Croft, who still remained at Taunton, and fix a day for the house being seen.
Sir Walter was not very wise; but still he had experience enough of the world to feel, that a more unobjectionable tenant, in all essentials, than Admiral Croft bid fair to be, could hardly offer.
But the antiquarian superstition in Fanshaw was still quivering, and he said hastily: "But, Admiral, what's that hissing noise quite near the island?
It's more like what it is," said the Admiral, laughing as he led the way; "it's only some canoe going by.
Please don't think me impertinent, Admiral Pendragon.
The Admiral lifted the hairless arches over his eyes and exclaimed: "Well, I don't know where you got it, but the truth is I can't stand the fellow, though I've no excuse for discharging a family servant.
I hope it'll all end tonight," continued the Admiral, "when my nephew comes back safe from his ship.
The idea is utterly ridiculous," replied the Admiral, beating a tattoo on the back of his chair.
The Admiral was somewhat staggered by this home-thrust.
I shall look out for you after breakfast for our constitutional, Admiral.
The Admiral rubbed his hands, and shook with amusement.