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By combining the integrity of enterprise printing with the rich graphic output of Adobe PostScript, a whole new world of possibilities has opened for the publishing industry," said Tony Santelli, general manager, IBM Printing Systems Company.
Adobe PostScript 3, a fully optimized printing system, delivers advanced features that address the demanding requirements of today's increasingly complex and distributed printing environments.
Peerless will continue as a major licensor of Adobe PostScript for embedded and server-based applications to OEMs worldwide.
The genesis of Adobe PostScript Level 3 is a result of three
The integration of Adobe PostScript 3(TM) with these Best proofing products has added an over-printing function enabling support for In-RIP separation of composite workflows and 2-byte fonts.
Adobe expects to license to OEM customers the Adobe PostScript interpreter software with built-in trapping capabilities in the fourth quarter 1996.
With Peerless' technologies and expertise, OEMs can use Adobe PostScript 3 version 3016 to support JDF (Job Definition Format) and direct printing of the latest versions of Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), including PDF 1.
We selected Adobe PostScript because it is an industry standard and enables the print quality and device independence that is critical to our network printer customers," said Bob Kilcullen, general manager, distributed printing, IBM Printing Systems Company.
With Ares font compression technology, we can offer our printer manufacturers a low cost solution for including hundreds of fonts in their Adobe PostScript printers without compromising printer performance," said Fred Schwedner, senior vice president and general manager of Adobe's Printing and Systems Group.
EFI's integration of the Adobe PostScript engine as part of its Best proofing products will help deliver consistent, reliable, high-quality output across devices for the publishing and packaging markets.
For faster printing, and to ensure compatibility with the leading software programs running under Windows, Macintosh, UNIX or other operating systems, the Phaser 140 incorporates Adobe PostScript Level 2 page description language within the printer.
The new software releases feature a completely redesigned, intuitive interface, the integrated Adobe PostScript engine (Adobe CPSI), offer support for PDF/X and have selectable RIP resolutions to accelerate the printing process.