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Barbara Ann, a nurse and the oldest at 69, had been one of the earliest Adorers to set foot in Liberia in 1971.
The president of the Nocturnal Adorers, Felipe Bravo, went one step further: hse proposed the idea of a monument on the summit of the mountain as well.
Through some ironic wrinkle of Schadenfreude, those venereal adorers honored their ladies all the more after illegally possessing them.
Al-Khayyat maintained that the new showroom is pondered upon as an opportunity for all Volvo fans and adorers who want to get ancient and old vehicles at ease with an internationally recognized luxury, as well as Swedish manufacturing style, famous for its safety-related advantages.
They flaunt it: she is their dear Jane, their matchless Jane, and they are her cult, her sect, her little company (fit though few), her tribe of adorers who discuss and rediscuss the miracle of her work in extravagant, patently hyperbolic terms.
But then started thinking about who was hosting this garden party for the adorers of King Billy and H all that is Orange, Protestant and very British.
Truth" is replaced here by knowledge whose supreme criterion is in the power of its being self-evident, namely in the potential productivity of its creative violence, while the dialogue in which adorers of "difference" take part is implicitly represented as one of the desired productions of this violence.
Photographs of the good doctor with astronauts, academics and adorers adorn the walls.
This is not the divinely inspired genius of the later years as constructed by his English adorers.
The joke is delivered in a lilting Scottish brogue by the girl who was once Rita McLaughlin but is now Mother Prioress Simeon, head of this contemplative, cloistered community, the Adorers Of The Sacred Heart.
Still others like the Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood, established in Toronto from a Quebec foundation in 1869, were to be engaged in continuous prayer.