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Patrick Quinn, director of the Henry Ford Hospital/University of Detroit Mercy Program of Anesthesia, said, "We applaud CIS and the Michigan Board of Nursing for taking proactive steps to address the need for more advanced practice nursing professionals.
The Colorado Nurse Practice Act (CRS 12-28-101) and the State Board of Nursing Chapter XIV Rules, Rules and Regulations to Registered Professional Nurses Qualified to Engage in Advanced Practice Nursing, require registration with the State Board of Nursing by those professional nurses using the titles "advanced practice nurse", "certified nurse midwife", "clinical nurse specialist", "certified registered nurse anesthetist", or "nurse practitioner".
The Board held a Rulemaking Hearing to discuss Chapter XIII-Rules and Regulations regarding the Delegation of Nursing Tasks, Chapter XIV-Rules and Regulations to Register Professional Nurses Qualified to Engage in Advanced practice Nursing, and Chapter XXI-Rules and Regulations Regarding Liability Insurance for Advanced Practice Nurses Engaged in Independent Practice.
Chapter XIV-Rules and Regulations to Register Professional Nurses Qualified to Engage in Advanced Practice Nursing to include requirements for National Certification for all new APN's and liability insurance for APN's engaged in independent practice.
Chris Shaw - Chris is recognized for her service as a role model, mentor and advocate for advanced practice nursing education and clinical practice.
Mary Ellen Sorenson - Mary is recognized for her great contributions to advanced practice nursing education, teaching many students through the years in the NP program at UW Oshkosh.
The video, which is an obvious educational tool on the role of the APN, will also help to promote understanding of APNs value as a key health care provider in the current year heading into Sunset of the Nurse Practice Act, which will include issues in Advanced Practice Nursing.
The Colorado Nurses Association is celebrating a sweet victory for Advanced Practice Nursing role and for improved access to care.
An extensive literature search was conducted by Marcia Gilbert, MSN APRN to identify the evidence basis for advanced practice nursing.
By updating statutory provisions to reflect the current state of advanced practice nursing care, Coloradans will have improved healthcare access and streamlined care delivery.

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