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OLD AGE. This needs no definition. Sometimes old age is the cause of loss of memory and of the powers of the mind, when the party may be found non compos mentis. See Aged witness; Senility.

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In October 1888 he decided to resign his membership of the Public Health Authority by January 1889 because of his advanced age and bad health.
To complicate matters, there are indications that people with developmental disabilities, including congenital rubella syndrome, experience chronic physical problems often associated with advanced age earlier in life (O'Donnell, 1991; Cotten, 1986; Janicki, Seltzer, & Krauss, 1987).
17 - filed their petition the day of the controversial execution of quadruple-murderer Williams, arguing that their client's advanced age (75) and infirmities made lethal injection a cruel and unusual punishment.
Doctors claim to be baffled as to how Marie managed to live to such an advanced age while partaking of the evil weed.
While World War II ended nearly 60 years ago, the health care requirements of those disabled during the war continue, and, in fact, increase due to their advanced age.
Harrison, a native of Portland, Oregon, studied with Henry Cowell and Arnold Schoenberg in California, formed a lasting friendship with John Cage, moved to New York in 1943, wrote music criticism, composed, conducted (most notably, the premiere of Charles Ives's Third Symphony), served as rehearsal pianist for choreographer Jean Erdman, and danced, briefly; even at an advanced age, he delighted in showing friends his superior turnout.
Doctors had discouraged her from having a baby at such an advanced age.
On the other hand, an individual fearing future incapacity due to advanced age, physical disability or illness often wants an agent to act in his stead, even after the principal becomes incapacitated, and executes a "durable" power of attorney.
Many of the case histories reported in the literature are among patients with additional problems such as kidney disease, advanced age, and steroid use; hut healthy, athletic people have suffered injuries as well.
We can no longer ascribe urinary incontinence in frail elderly persons merely to advanced age, dementia, immobility, or institutionalization, although all these factors undoubtedly play a part.
SLEEPING four hours a night for less than a week produces striking biological changes that resemble the effects of advanced age, new research has revealed.
The Coast Guard had considered decommissioning the vessel due to its advanced age and the high cost of its maintenance and operation.

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