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For all information regarding the placement of informational and advertising materials in Printing Supplies Catalog #32, 2014 please contact Information Agency “Business-Inform.
NAICS 54187 - Advertising Materials Distribution Services is comparable to: 15% of SIC 7319 - Advertising Materials Distribution Services
9- The candidate will sign an undertaking to remove at his own cost the posters and the advertising materials one day before the voting.
Since 1999, FDA has received a steadily increasing number of advertising materials directed to consumers.
However, most advertising disclosures for insurance products are formatted as small-print text at the bottom of the page in advertising materials.
Beyond distributing advertising materials, the SeraNova-created solution also helps Audi maintain a consistent brand identity and message through its local dealer print advertising.
CIPS Marketing Group is the largest private postal system in the nation and has been home-delivering advertising materials in the five-county Southern California area for more than 30 years.

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