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Congress of California Seniors - which boasts 600,000 constituents and claims nonpartisanship - is an umbrella organization that serves legislative watchdog and senior advocacy groups, said spokesman William Powers.
More information about National Home Advocacy Group services can be found at the www.
As a part of the newly formed NIO, the company will work along side other leading pharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies as well as major academic brain research centers and patient advocacy groups to accelerate the development of treatments and cures for brain and nervous system diseases.
The Cyber Security Industry Alliance is the only advocacy group dedicated exclusively to ensuring the privacy, reliability and integrity of information systems through public policy, technology, education and awareness.
Now, leading companies develop relationships with powerful patient advocacy groups to effectively raise awareness about a product or the treatment of a disease, according to a study by pharmaceutical research firm Best Practices, LLC.
The Second Amendment Sisters describes itself as ``a women's advocacy group dedicated to preserving the basic human right of self-defense, and to giving attention to the vital role the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution plays in protecting that right.
SAN FRANCISCO -- More than 20 leading pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies, along with major academic brain research centers and patient advocacy groups, have joined together to form a new trade association called the Neurotechnology Industry Organization (NIO).
htm , highlights leading-edge tactics used by companies to build successful links to patient advocacy groups and professional associations.
Twenty-six parents completed the Latino advocacy group's nine-week training program sponsored by a Latino advocacy group to raise parental involvement and awareness of what it will take to help get their kids to college.
Methods for coordinating relationship building efforts * Tactics for recruiting and training top employees for both patient advocacy group and professional association relations functions * Strategies for launching effective activities with international organizations * Case studies of company-sponsored activities with outside organizations
Through that tumultuous period, she kept the organization together and transformed it from a mere political critic to an advocacy group able to collaborate with local elected officials.

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