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ADVOCATUS. A pleader, a narrator. Bract. 412 a, 372 b.

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15) The parakletos has special influence--like the Latin patronus or, in the Roman Empire, the advocatus.
BENTON, supra note 11, at 19 ("In Rome when the advocatus was called upon by the Praetor to aid a client in a cause, he was solemnly exhorted 'to avoid artifice and circumlocution.
For more than 500 years, this canonization process has followed a formal procedure in which one person (a postulator) presents the case in favor and another (the promoter of the faith) -- an advocatus diaboli, or devil's advocate -- presents the case against.
The medieval tradition of the Advocatus Ecclesiae was to be heard in these sermons.
He himself adopted the title Advocatus et Ordinarius Fratrum--leaving no doubt about where political and temporal power within the Moravian community was vested in its dealings with outsiders.
Agricola, Advocatus sive De Qualitatibus et Officio boni advocati relectio (Naples, 1618), passim.
The main act of "Fiat Homo" is the theatrical debate between the Advocatus Diaboli and the Promoter Fidei--two ecclesiastical lawyers who must sift through the artifacts of Leibowitz uncovered by Brother Francis, and thus determines whether or not to canonize him as the martyr to science and the representative saint of pre-flame deluge civilization.
Candidates for sainthood were represented before the papal court by two spokesmen: the advocatus dei, who made the case for canonization, and the advocatus diaboli, who advanced all conceivable arguments against canonizing the candidate.
In any case, the presence of the continuo is consequential in only two of the forty numbers, "Ecce advocatus meus" (no.
These are intriguing mentions, like Lowry being called, by Emilio Sanz De Soto, a "fasciste dement" (26), but they make taking him on more like the task of the advocatus diaboli.
And there had to be a hearing, at which the advocatus Diaboli, or Devil's Advocate, would be appointed by the Church to make the strongest possible case against the nominee.
There is no longer any advocatus diaboli to itemize the failings, real or alleged, of any proposed saint, and so we may assume that the volume by Mr.