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This is even clearer in his subsequent work, developing the theme of Homo aequalis, which engages in a debate with other theorists "from Mandeville to Marx," the subject of which is European ideology.
Verodes aequalis (Champion 1884) is a characteristic species with distinct habitus (Fig.
aequalis is not narrowly restricted, but ranges through a great portion of the mountains of northern Oaxaca, along the Sierra Aloapaneca, Sierra Mazateca and Sierra de Juarez, including a small area in the neighboring mountains of Veracruz (Fig.
The Aequalis Ascend[TM] and the Aequalis[R] reverse systems continued to gain prominence globally while the Simpliciti[TM] stemless shoulder system was launched into additional international markets.
3%, led by the continued strength of shoulder arthroplasty products including the Aequalis Ascend[TM], the Aequalis[R] reverse, and the CortiLoc[TM] glenoid.
Tornier's Aequalis Ascend Convertible Shoulder System is the newest member of the Aequalis Ascend Shoulder joint replacement product line that was first launched approximately one year ago and features the innovative short stem, bone-sparing design.
She has shown internationally, including exhibitions at Aequalis Contemporary, High Energy Constructs, Salon Oblique, Dumba Collective and was the Artist-in-Residence of the Treehouse Gallery Los Angeles in 2007.
The upper extremity product category recorded constant currency growth of 11% in 2010 with Tornier's core AEQUALIS([R]) and newer AFFINITI([TM]) and AEQUALIS ASCEND([TM]) products all contributing to product line growth.
Similarly, Tornier's line of Aequalis reconstructive shoulder implants has cemented the company's position as a market leader in the US reconstructive shoulder device market.
a global leader in extremity orthopedics headquartered in Edina, MN, today announced that orthopedic physicians around the world have now implanted more than 100,000 Aequalis Shoulders.
The company's innovative extremity products include the Aequalis cemented, press fit, and reversed shoulder arthroplasty prostheses, a proximal humeral fracture treatment system, a shoulder resurfacing head as well as elbow, ankle, and radial head prostheses.