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He is survived and will be missed by his loving daughter, Aeriel LaFayette of Sterling; his parents, Robert M.
Without the presence of Viduka to win the aeriel duels Newcastle found it almost impossible to penetrate Bolton's central defensive trio of Steinsson, Andy O'Brien and Lubomir Michalik.
For a man with a reputation for his aeriel prowess, he got this header so horribly wrong that even now he probably can't believe he didn't beat the transfixed Chris Kirkland.
When it came to the dazzling aeriel shots and restagings of famous movie moments, the master auteur found that working with green screens and post-production visuals took a little adjusting.
The Bolton gaffer reckons Jaidi's powerful heading reminds him of his own aeriel prowess as a player with the Lancashire club.
He sacrificed his place to veteran Les Ferdinand, Adams no doubt hoping that the Foxes could use the burly striker's aeriel prowess to unsettle the Addicks.
Emerald Valley Assisted Living, 4550 West Amazon; Parkside Apartments, 4075 Aeriel Way
Clive Carroll's guitar-work is generally low in the mix but given a solo spot, he produces Aeriel Discoveries, a Stanley Jordanish display of percussive, flamenco-flecked fret-stopping which leaves you eager for more.
Set below the rather sporty aeriel and spoiler are 3D taillights so that you know exactly which car you are coming up behind - even in the dark.
Madonna's sold-out concert was a jaw-dropping sequence of stunningly designed set pieces; including an aeriel drum crops, a battalion of dazzling dancers, an explosively bloody gangster fantasy and a surreal spiritual voyage,"remarked The Miami Herald.
And earlier Paul Scharner's aeriel flick dropped just the wrong side of the post.
AERIEL ROUTE: Analogue signals have three years to go