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Why Is the Predominant Teaching on the Nature of Agape Love Misguided?
Walking through the maze of conflicting ideologies, values and slogans in the middle of national elections, voters - especially the Christians looking for guidance from their master - would do well to ask which candidate best embodies and stands for justice, peace, service and equality, through which the agape love may be achieved in this troubled world.
For him, agape love is pure idealism, certainly "not sufficient.
We will return to this point in relation to the thought of John Paul II on spousal love and Benedict XVI on eros and agape love.
Whereas pagan public health isolated the afflicted socially and physically during times of epidemic plague, Christians witnessed to their pagan neighbors their belief in agape love, to their pagan neighbors, through their self-sacrifice for victims.
I applaud those who work diligently, out of the celebrity limelight, with the love of Jesus in those foreign lands Webb speaks about, but our "neighbors" are sometimes not far from our front doors and deserve the hands-on agape love of Jesus as well as any in far-off lands.
The Spirit calls the body into being, and we will learn next week that agape love is the gift that must be the hallmark of the whole and the common gift of each of the individual members.
I was hoping Claudette would straighten me out but instead she ratchets up my confusion by offering, "Oh, you mean like agape love.
11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The Chrysler Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Chrysler Group LLC, today announced a donation of $25,000 to AGAPE Love from Above to Our Community in support of flood disaster relief and recovery efforts.
Finally, this issue was galvanized by the considerable influence of Marie Hoffman, whose psychoanalytic acumen and writing is appreciated by principals in the psychoanalytic community and whose passion for psychoanalysis and agape love is contagious.
Only then can we embrace the truth: that the key to maintaining healthy familial relationships is agape love, the unconditional love that comes from God.