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Figure 2 showing the population potential in various areas of Pakistan that reflects the higher values in the magnitude of these industrial agglomerations.
However, the city agglomeration has become the main carrier of domestic and international competition in the modern transportation system.
In an attempt to assess the relationship between agglomeration and economic growth we have selected those that seem most appropriate with the study (see Sala-i-Martin et al.
The main finding of this section is that new FDI firms have concentrated in a select group of states within Mexico, states that also incorporate agglomerations of economic activity.
2011), "Country-of-origin and Industry FDI Agglomeration of Foreign Investors in an Emerging Economy," Journal of International Business Studies 42.
In order to see whether clustering exist in Indian industry, one needs to find out a measure of agglomeration for the industry.
4) Technological leadership alternates between locations, as agglomerations become locked in to the technologies that create the agglomeration externalities.
Based on the results of their model, Eppli and Shilling found that "most retail establishments, if not all, do indeed benefit from the retail mass agglomerations in regional and super-regional shopping centers" and these establishments "are positively affected by the clustering of stores that sell the same kinds of goods.
Many of the nation's suburbs - whether ringing the classic 24-hour city or clustered haphazardly in an agglomeration - must face the consequences of congestion, filtering urban ills, fractured political landscapes, inefficient infrastructure and vestigial mass transportation.
Spanish regional authorities must ensure that urban waste water is adequately collected and treated in 17 agglomerations across the country to prevent serious risks to human health and the environment.
For instance, in Italy the level of unemployment is five times higher in the urban agglomerations of Campania than in those of Veneto.
Sprawled across a cluster of islands and adjacent territory where the Hudson River empties into the Atlantic Ocean, New York City and its satellite towns represent a huge agglomeration of more than 20 million people.