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Unjustified planned, threatened, or carried out use of force by one nation against another.

The key word in the definition of aggression is "unjustified"—that is, in violation of International Law, treaties, or agreements. It was the basic charge leveled against Nazi Germany at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946.


noun aggressiveness, antagonism, assault, attack, bellicosity, belligerence, belligerency, besiegement, combativeness, contentiousness, drive, enterprise, fight, foray, hostility, hustle, illapse, infringement, initiative, injury, inroad, intrusion, irruption, jingoism, martiality, militancy, offense, onset, onslaught, outbreak, provocation, pugnacity, push, pushiness, raid, sally, sortie, storming, transgression, unprovoked attack, warlikeness
See also: assault, belligerency, foray, incursion, infringement, intrusion, invasion, offense, onset, outbreak, provocation
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By improving the dispersion of collision forces over a larger frontal area while reducing the potential for vertical or lateral misalignment of vehicle safety structures, the ACE body structure delivers improved protection for vehicle occupants while at the same time reducing aggressivity toward other vehicles in a frontal collision.
Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure, offering enhanced occupant protection with reduced aggressivity toward other vehicles, will be applied to all new vehicle platforms in the U.
Research conducted at the new Ohio facility will play a critical role in the further development of Honda safety technology and the evolution of Honda's 'Safety for Everyone' concept, a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety that seeks to provide top-level occupant protection for all Honda and Acura vehicles regardless of size or price, along with reduced aggressivity toward other vehicles and improved safety for pedestrians.
Provisions in the legislation will require The US Department of Transportation to issue standards to prevent rollover, to mitigate the aggressivity of larger vehicles, to improve roof crush protection, to encourage seat belt use, to reduce head injury, to increase the safety of 15 passenger vans, to enhance motor carrier safety and to combat drunk driving with effective programs.
The high risk for occupants in light (and small) cars has more to do with the vulnerability of their own vehicles than the aggressivity of other vehicles.
Vehicle Aggressivity & Compatibility in Automotive Crashes, March 1, Room D3-28, 5:30 p.
Van der Meeren (2000), for instance, showed that low temperatures tended to reduce the aggressivity in European lobsters, which led individuals to stay in their shelter for a longer period.
It's no problem with a good referee that can understand what is aggressivity or when aggressivity finishes and when the rules of the game start.
There, they become locked in a dynamic of identification, desire, and passive and active aggressivity, fueled by Elisabet's refusal to speak.
The cancer was classified as a 3 on an aggressivity scale of 1 to 3, with chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery following.
And if you think about what he did against Hull - aside from the very first moment when he was pushed by [Nikica] Jelavic, which is a foul anywhere other than in England - he did fine and he showed good strength and aggressivity.
In part from these tidal, coloristic works, Goldfarb developed what she called her "American aggressivity," perhaps in compensation for the neurotic shyness she admits to in a French interview that was screened during the show.