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AGRI. Arable land in the common fields. Cunn. Dict. h.t.

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Developed in fall 2005, the Certificate in Agri Marketing (CAM) is a three course program approved by CAMA that develops and enhances marketing skills in agribusiness professionals.
34738) in which COFCO and the IC bought a 51% shareholding in Noble Agri through a subsidiary and created a joint-venture trading platform to capitalize on potential synergies across the supply chain with COFCO.
It consists of three courses: Marketing to Farm Businesses, Strategic Agri Marketing and a exciting new course, Agri Marketing Application--an eLearning based course focused on the development of a real marketing plan.
Amith Agarwal, co-founder and executive director, Star Agriwarehousing said, "We look forward to leveraging Temasek's global network and insights of the agri-logistics space to grow Star Agri to a company of international size and reputation .
Agri Food Certification is pleased to have earned USDA accreditation as the certifying body for this new industry best practice for traceable products," Agri Food Certification Director David Farnum, DVM, said.
MISSISSIPPI AGRI NETWORK 6311 Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS 39211; 601/957-1700, FAX: 601/956-5228 Year established: 1985 Contact: Lynn Sheldon, Sr Acct Exec (Isheldon@telesouth.
Statesman US$800,000 has been advanced by Agri as a loan which will cover some of the initial costs associated with Statesman Energy Africa's efforts in Africa.
Bullock, United Agri Products chief financial officer added, "Given our operational momentum in recent years, we expect this successful restructuring will allow us to continue with our current strategy.
The staff of Agri Marketing extends its gracious thanks to the judges for the time, attention and expertise they brought to the judging process.
Tests made on BioTelo Agri show that we get the same agronomical parameters and productivity as for plastic mulch films and in some cases, even better results.
We are particularly pleased to use the occasion of this year's meeting to unveil a major research study commissioned by ABM Agri Council that measures ag media usage.
is a holding company that owns 100% of the stock of United Agri Products, Inc.