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AGRI. Arable land in the common fields. Cunn. Dict. h.t.

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Taking action against the occupiers, the IGP of Islamabad suspended the SHO of Banni Gala police station and withdrew the illegal occupation of Agro Farm.
The partners are also negotiating with one of the largest European supermarket chains of to be their preferred supplier of agro products.
Mulk Holdings, with its global presence and production expertise, will add value to the agro products supply chain experience and infrastructure of Zitoprerada.
We are confident that this project once launched will help establish our presence in the Middle East and contribute to our growth," said Saroj Kumar Poddar, Chairman, Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited.
Rahaman, 2011) Until now, Agro Bank is the only bank that able to provide funding and financing facilities to Agro entrepreneurs intensively, although the bank should introduce more comprehensive Islamic banking products with different Shariah concepts (Muhammad Ridhwan et.
Munir Malik further stated that the residents of these farms had serious reservations regarding the change in the master plan of agro farms.
Lastly, for access to markets, CDE is working and coordinating with Phytotrade Africa as well as addressing access to market issues within the CEP Agro Programme," said Boubekeur.
AGRO founder, Huw Harries, a drug and alcohol support worker who has battled a drink problem, said: "I'm currently working two jobs to help fund AGRO and Winsent is guiding us through the process of becoming a social enterprise which should help us access vital pots of funding.
Apart from this various schemes of the Central and State governments, science and technology related to agriculture, export of agricultural produce, and export procedures and facilities are also part of Agro Sandesh's editorial content.
Bulgarian national cuisine and products - for agro tourism cooking in this country remains one of the most exciting and delicious ways to get acquainted with the Bulgarian everyday culture.
According to the announcements, the agro market will be finished by June next year when the buyout of farming produces is expected to commence.
12 October 2010 - India's Keventer Agro Limited has reportedly acquired a 50% stake in local confectionery maker Candico India Limited.