Aid and Abet

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Aid and Abet

To assist another in the commission of a crime by words or conduct.

The person who aids and abets participates in the commission of a crime by performing some Overt Act or by giving advice or encouragement. He or she must share the criminal intent of the person who actually commits the crime, but it is not necessary for the aider and abettor to be physically present at the scene of the crime.

An aider and abettor is a party to a crime and may be criminally liable as a principal, an Accessory before the fact, or an accessory after the fact.

aid and abet

v. help commit a crime. A lawyer redundancy since abet means aid, which lends credence to the old rumor that lawyers used to be paid by the word. (See: abet)

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Those who aid and abet the commission of physical, fiscal and sexual abuses against vulnerable refugees are undermining the very concept of being there to help.
In Fred Fuller, the court determined that, the statute defines "person" broadly to include "one or more individuals," individual employees who either aid and abet workplace discrimination or retaliate against another person in the workplace because he or she has engaged in protected conduct can be held personally liable for an unlawful discriminatory practice under the statute.
This Article examines when the proprietors of technology with criminal uses aid and abet their users' crimes.
we find that no consensus exists for imposing liability on those who knowingly (but not purposefully) aid and abet a violation of international law.
For example, the SEC and Department of Justice have express statutory authority to impose sanctions on people who aid and abet securities fraud.
10(b) on those who do no more than aid and abet violations of that
A proposed amendment to [section] 922(g) could read as follows: "This section shall only apply to principal offenders; those who aid and abet any offense herein shall be charged as principals pursuant to subsection (d) of this statute.
It's worth noting as well that Mexico flagrantly violates international conventions by using its consulates to aid and abet criminal behavior by its nationals in the United States (see the cover story "Stealth Invasion" in our April 5 issue).
We will not aid and abet child pornographers by publicizing their illegal Web sites," Fisher's spokesman told the Associated Press.
As stated in Hooks, "to aid and abet another to commit a crime it is necessary that a defendant in some sort associate himself with the venture, that he participate in it as in something that he wishes to bring about, and that he seek by his action to make it succeed.