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For Retailers, drinkFind provides a Cloud-based virtual inventory system and Virtual Website on the network for meeting, engaging and serving customers, while affording access to qualified alcohol beverage shoppers who are forming and finalizing purchase decisions and destinations on drinkFind.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms first considered whether producers should be required to provide calorie and nutrient information on alcohol beverage containers in the early 1990s.
The Alcohol Beverage Industry Electronic Commerce Council is now the Alcohol Beverage Industry Supply Chain Council (ABI SCC).
Members of the Akerman Task Force are at the forefront of regulatory and compliance efforts within numerous industries, including the highly regulated alcohol beverage industry.
Beer continues to be the preferred alcohol beverage of Americans," said Joe McClain, president of the Beer Institute.
The legislative package will serve to transfer the authority for administering alcohol beverage labeling from the Treasury Department to the "more appropriate" Health and Human Services Department.
The advantage of the Liquor Group model is best illustrated by an excerpt from a complaint lodged with the government by a distribution competitor: "Liquor Group does not have any carrying costs for the inventory placed in their control by alcohol beverage manufacturers on a state by state basis, allowing them to continue to grow rapidly and unfettered by the costs of the alcohol beverages in their inventory; unaffected by the volume of alcohol beverages they place in each state wherein they operate; and with no need for additional capital to grow their operations; which makes them unmatched in the alcohol beverage industry, and as such they are utilizing an unfair business advantage.
While this shift represents a serious challenge on-premise, this trend continues to serve as a significant opportunity for alcohol beverage retailers, who are actively promoting beverages that can enhance consumers' 'night out' at home.
Now that we have secured a manufacturing partner, we look forward to sharing our achievements in procuring distribution outlets in the coming quarters and are excited about the many potential opportunities to capture market share in the dynamic alcohol beverage market.
31, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Diageo, the world's leading distilled spirits, beer and wine company, today called for the Alcohol Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to rule on Notice 41, which would allow alcohol beverage companies to voluntarily provide their consumers with Serving Fact Information such as serving size, alcohol per serving, carbohydrates and calories on bottles and cans.
law firm serving clients across the Americas, today announced the continued expansion of its Alcohol Beverage Industry Group with the addition of three former alcohol beverage industry regulators, Thomas "Tom" Busey in Washington, D.
Not all alcohol is equal, meaning one alcohol beverage can have significantly more or less alcohol content than another.

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