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ALDERMAN. An officer, generally appointed or elected in towns corporate, or cities, possessing various powers in different places.
     2. The aldermen of the cities of Pennsylvania, possess all the powers and jurisdictions civil and criminal of justices of the peace. They are besides, in conjunction with the respective mayors or recorders, judges of the mayor's courts.
     3. Among the Saxons there was an officer called the ealderman. ealdorman, or aldernwn, which appellation signified literally elderman. Like the Roman senator, he was so called, not on account of his age, but because of his wisdom and dignity, non propter oetatem sed propter sapientism et dignitatem. He presided with the bishop at the scyregemote, and was, ex officio, a member of the witenagemote. At one time he was a military officer, but afterwards his office was purely judicial.
     4. There were several kinds of aldermen, as king's aldermen, aldermen of all England, aldermen of the county, aldermen of the hundred, &c., to denote difference of rank and jurisdiction.

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Norton said before aldermen agreed to the contract, "I don't think a year contract will hurt us".
Those in line to become Aldermen at a ceremony next month are councillors John Beynon, Milburn Douglas, Frank Harrington, Peter Jackson, Kay Morris, Alan Sambrook, Glen Sanderson and Edward Trevelyan.
Simpson found that, of the 29 divided roll call votes between May 2003 and November 2006, 37 of 50 aldermen voted with Burke more than 80 percent of the time.
Councils can still create honorary aldermen, as in Sefton, although the mechanism is used more in Northern Ireland than England, Wales and Scotland
Surrounded by the ward's alderman, Rey Colon, and a racially mixed group of aldermen and area homeowners, the mayor made a few remarks denouncing irresponsible bar owners who, he said, had let their businesses become outposts of drug dealing and violence.
Members of the group of Chicago aldermen and Chicagoland business and community leaders joining Blagojevich for the announcement included:
Carrboro's aldermen sent their proclamation to league leaders to display with the 300 other municipalities that have issued support for the effort.
The Ghent aldermen described a piece of property being transferred, for example, as being located between the property of Jan van Waes and that of Katheline Aex, daughter of Sir Boidin Aex.
This too makes him stand out: after approving a $296 million municipal bond issue for infrastructure repairs recently, 15 aldermen designated part of the money to repave streets in front of their homes.
Any definitive agreement, under which revenue bonds would be issued, will require the approval of two thirds of the Board of Aldermen.
Not including the aldermen themselves, Andrade is just one of 1,874 city workers who spent nearly 92.
He meets both of the qualifications, which are that Aldermen must have been a councillor for 15 years or served for at least 12 years as a committee chairman.