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ALITER, otherwise. This term is frequently used to point out a difference between two decisions; as, a point of law has been decided in a particular way, in such a case, aliter in another case.

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Quand il est alite et enferme longuement dans sa chambre, tandis que la chambre "protegeait en tremblant sa fraicheur transparente et fragile contre le soleil de l'apres-midi derriere ses volets presque clos," quelque chose d'extraordinaire pourrait se produire pour egayer le malade deja du temps de son sejour a Combray: "un reflet de jour avait pourtant trouve moyen de faire passer ses ailes jaunes, et restait immobile entre le bois et le vitrage, dans un coin, comme un papillon pose".
Alite founder Alistair Smith yesterday said it was the first time an entire LEA was being trained in how to make lessons more interactive.
Until now, spa holidays have been seen as expensive and for the Alite, but Thomas Cook Spa & Sports makes a 'wellbeing' holiday a realistic option for everybody.
The Knowsley Teaching and Learning Approach, an accelerated learning programme, being run in conjunction with London company Alite, is being launched today at Liverpool FC's Anfield Stadium.
2], or alite, was one of the primary constituents, as postulated by Henri LeChatelier over 30 years previously.
For example, the most important constituent of portland cement concrete is alite, a highly reactive calcium trisilicate compound.
Alite Re: is sponsoring a highly innovative project featuring the development of a multifunctional facility home to health, wellness and shopping.
In addition to his role with Singularity University, Nail is Co-Founder and Director of Alite Designs, a San Francisco-based adventure gear company.
Trevor begins his journey in Queens, New York, and doesn't judge when he meets people such as John Alite, also known as The Sheriff.
John Gotti In the first episode, Sir Trevor meets John Alite, who was an enforcer for John Gotti Senior, the notorious New York Mafia godfather, during the 1980s and 1990s.
beaucoup moins que]Les pouvoirs publics doivent intervenir et mettre fin au drame que vivent les malades cancereux[beaucoup plus grand que], dit une parente dont l'enfant est alite depuis plus de 6 mois.