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ALLOCATUR, practice. The allowance of a writ; e. g. when a writ of habeas corpus is prayed for, the judge directs it to be done, by writing the word allowed and signing his name; this is called the allocator. In the English courts this word is used to indicate the master or prothonotary's allowance of a sum referred for his consideration, whether touching costs, damages, or matter of account. Lee's Dict. h, t.

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On the longer term, the Allocatur Committee recommended that the Supreme Court should move toward a central staff system for disposing of allocatur, miscellaneous, and emergency matters," said Cappy.
While the Allocatur Committee's recommendation regarding creation of a Supreme Court core legal staff was unanimous, the Committee -- and the Court itself -- recognizes that funding constraints will not permit immediate implementation of this proposal," said Cappy.
Focusing on the Supreme Court's present system, the Allocatur Committee suggested recommendations which the Court could adopt immediately.
requiring monthly reports of the progress of individual allocatur review by members of the Court and specifically listing for internal review those assignments which have gone beyond stated limits.
It is their work, in conjunction with that of the Allocatur Committee and myself, which the Supreme Court has adopted and which we are releasing today.